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Thread: redirects to mailstore servers

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    Default redirects to mailstore servers


    How does zimbra redirect to the host that holds the user's mailstore.

    In a situation I have presently, in a multiserver set up using 5RC1 on Fedora7, I have a two zimbra servers with everything installed except proxy.

    I try to log into the (ldap is being replicated from to and it tries to redirect me with an authtoken to I try to log into zimbra-au and it redirects me to with an authtoken. is a legitimate server on our network but it is not in the RC1 configuration (servers listed in the admin console on are and only). is a standalone 4.5.7 zimbra test server.

    Using firefox I have cleared all cookies and all other private data and restarted my browser.

    Both hosts ( and resolve each other via dns correctly. DNS MX for contain MX 10 mail MX 20 MX 20 MX 30

    [zimbra@zimbra-au ~]$ host zimbra-au has address

    [zimbra@zimbra-master ~]$ host zimbra-au has address

    How could it be redirecting to As I say there is a legitimate host called but it definitely isn't in the zimbra-master configs.


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    sorry, my mistake. zimbraMailHost setting is incorrect. Thus it was redirecting to the wrong host.

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