Hello everyone,

I've sucessfully installed a ZCS-5.0RC1. I've been testing it for a while. It's a really good product

Now i have a little problem with the freebusy list
Let's say i want to create a appointement with someone who is NOT a zimbra users (shame on him ) but he do have a freebusy i can get by URL.

How am i suppose to read this freebusy list in Zimbra ?

I tought there were a field in the contact general information allowing us to put a URL with the freebusy information of this conctact. So when i would invite him to a appointement, Zimbra would look to the URL to get the FreeBusy Information.

But well i can't find this field. So big question : Is it possible in Zimbra to have personnal contact with freebusy urls ?

If not, do you guys have plan to do it ?

The only thread i found on the forum was 2 years old