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Thread: Multiple email domians with ZIMBRA LDAP

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    Default Multiple email domians with ZIMBRA LDAP

    Is it possible to have users from multiple email domains connect to one domain controller running on a Zimbra server?



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    Default Some clarification

    I believe my friend Kevin's post may require a little clarification...

    He and I are working on the whole Zimbra + Samba + LDAP = cool wiz-bang domain controller. We've each read through the wiki howto, and it seems fairly straightforward. It appears, however, that this setup will only allow you to function as the domain controller for a single domain.

    What we would like to do is this:
    Have a remote zimbra server configured to host email, and act as a remote domain controller for multiple offices/locations. This would allow us to efficiently mange multiple locations/customers (each with different email domains, mind you) from a single system (Zimbra!)

    We know that this can be done for a single combination of Zimbra + PosixExten + SambaExten + Samba. It looks like, however, for the ldap/PosixExten/SambaExten, that the ldap domain is hard coded within the extension file (Step 1, where you edit the config xml file and then re-zip the extension file). This seems to imply that if we wanted to repeat this setup for multiple email domains, we would need to create new/different/unique extensions for each domain that we were to Domain Control.

    Our basic question is: Is this assumption correct?

    Beyond, that (assuming that it is correct), does anyone have any thoughts/suggestions on how we might overcome this issue?

    We await any suggestions with eager anticipation,

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