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Thread: server possibly hacked - help getting Zimbra running

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    Didn't get a backup over to the other machine.

    But I'm ready with two backups on the box.
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    Just got this pm from him:
    Quote Originally Posted by r_bin!
    Thanks for all the help this morning. Was able to get it working today! I will certainly contribute to these forums anyway I can in the future. Thank you again for your assistance it was very much appreciated.
    (I'm sure a writeup will follow)

    -And after another backup you could upgrade to 4.5

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    And just to underline jholder's post from earlier, a strong recommendation to tighten up firewall security between your server and the big bad world. You should really close up all ports not absolutely required by your users--at a minimum of course you need to let in 25 (SMTP) and 443 (https for webmail); if you have POP users you'll need either 110 (clear-text) or 995 (secure); if you do IMAP from outside you'll need 143 (clear-text) or 993 (secure). SSH (22) and Zimbra Admin (7071) should really be restricted to authenticated users on a VPN or within your LAN only, for the very reason you have just experienced.

    I've also thought for a while that we might consider having the Zimbra name removed from the login screen (pre-authentication) just to give snoopers less of an idea what they need to research if they want to crack a server they have discovered. . .thoughts, guys?

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