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Thread: DNS & MX Records

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    Default DNS & MX Records

    Ok, so here is my problem.

    CentOS5 x86_64
    Zimbra: Version 5.0.0_RC1_1538.RHEL5_64.FOSS Oct 3, 2007

    I did an upgrade last night. The upgrade went very well and now we can receive email again. The problem now is the we cannot send email using our Zimbra SMTP services. From the log files it appears that Zimbra is not doing MX look ups. If the username is username@domain.tld then Zimbra seems to be delivering to domain.tld instead of looking up the MX record. I have tested this theory and it seems to be correct.

    DNS Look ups are enabled. Anyone have any ideas?

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    can you post logfile extract ?

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    i had a similar problem while trying some things out with zimbra.
    Make sure you have "enable DNS lookups" enabled in the MTA configuration.(server side and / or globally)
    Since i had re-enabled this setting, all was fine again. I suppose its just useful when you have a smarthost enabled in the MTA configuration, so MX lookups are not needed anymore.

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