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Thread: Address Book GAL and alias

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    Question Address Book GAL and alias


    I'm using zcs as mail server
    I have to manage external contact: initially i thought to use zimbra ldap server but as i have to use data also to produce labels
    and Administrator guide explain to no touch zimbra openldap for consistenci reason, i imported my external contact in an other openldap server.

    In the ldap i have external contact for all my organization
    With phpldapadmin i do searching and i custom some php page to retrive labels for postletters
    My users work with alias (on ldap server) so my users can make their contact lists but data are managed only by administrator and label are correct!!!

    With zimbra GAL i find email address for external contact this is good but i have to work in web gui and address are copied statically in the address book.
    So if in my openldap server the e-mail address change, address book are not upgraded.

    Is it possible to have an address book where contacts are not copies but pointers to data?

    Is it possible for client mail (like outlook express thunderbird) to access dinamically to personal address book in ZCS?

    I ask because i started to create a DistributionList with internal and external address but i found that from external it is possible to send mails through my mail server to external components and this is not a good solution because i don't want that my distributionlist are used by unknown people

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