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    Default Character conversion

    Hello, and thanks for all the help, so far!

    Today my "Zimbra test crew" has come up with a problem, when sending mails with special characters we only return them with lots of question marks.

    I believe that it has to do with the question of utf-8, and I have read allot of it, but I am a bit confused about how to pinpoint and resolve the question.

    We are running with Release 4.5.9_GA_1454.

    I have attached a file with an example.

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    That's very odd.

    Let's try to narrow this down... When you send the message from Zimbra to a non-Zimbra server, does this happen? When you send mail from Zimbra to Zimbra? From non-Zimbra to Zimbra?
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    This might not be the fault of Zimbra, it could (probably more likely be my own weird configuration due to testing purposes of Zimbra).
    But anyway this is the way it's done...

    We currently have the domains A and B (A=Metropolitan, B=Alea in the example.txt) hosted on a james server, and I have set up Zimbra with domain A, then i retrieve messages to the Zimbra server on a "per user basis" from the James server with fetchmail.

    So this happens when sending Zimbra to Zimbra, but with a little bit of relaying.

    I made a small explanatory picture, I hope it helps!

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