hello guys

this is urgent for me.

is there a way to relay mails for a specified Domain from a specified IP or Mailserver?

Or can i configure 2 Smarthosts (zimbraMailTransport) for a Domain?

here the Problem:

a Customer from us has round about 10 Domains, they have there own High Avalibility Spam Solution in our POP and from this the Mails where forwarded to our antivir Solution and from this the Mails where forwarded to the Zimbra MTA. Here they where forwarded to diffrent Smarthosts and ditribution lists.
The zimbra MTA is a mailserver for roundabout 400 customers, so direct smtp connect is allowed to this server. when now a spammer connects directly to the zimbra server and send spams to the customer domains, the bypass there own antispam HA solution and the commercial Antivirus Gateway.

How can i fix this.

one way to fix this, was that we set the MX record to the commercial antivirus and forward all Mails on the zimbra server to the HA Spam solution from the customer and make diffrent transport on this machines.

But is it possible to set 2 zimbraMailTransport adresses with priority?

i need a fast solution, because our customer will stop the partnership with us.

thanks in advance.