Ok here is the background... I have the following disk setup:

LUN1 Size: 2TB :Index and Primary Message store
LUN2 Size: 2TB :Not configured yet
LUN3 Size: 2TB :HSM secondary volume.

What I want to do is move all the messages from the HSM secondary volume back into the primary LUN1. Then I would like to tar everything in /opt/zimbra and move it off the system. Once that is done I would like to create one HUGE LVM2 volume and simply untar everything back into the new 6TB volume.

Now questions:

1. Is there a problem with simply using TAR to do that if Zimbra is shutdown?
2. How can I migrate the messages out of the LUN3 secondary volume? I don't want to use HSM right now...
3. What is the total limitation of Zimbra and can it even grow to use that much space?

Any help here would be great.

Thanks gang,