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Thread: Briefcase vs Samba Shares

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    Default Briefcase vs Samba Shares

    I haven't been able to find any detailed 5.0 documentation yet, but I'm trying to make some plans for our eventual 5.0 migration, and one of the features that simultaneously intrigues and worries me is the briefcase. Can someone confirm that the briefcase files will simply be stored somewhere withing the existing Zimbra mailstore? I don't suppose I'm lucky enough that the briefcase can serve up existing Linux, Samba, or NFS home directories?

    Our current infrastructure mounts home directories via Samba on MacOS & Windows when the users login to a desktop or lab machine. This is in addition to any departmental shares of course. I think this is pretty typical, especially in a university environment. I think the briefcase could add additional confusion between when it makes sense to use the home directory and when it makes sense to use the briefcase. I *would* just turn off the briefcase, but as I've helped students switch to zimbra I've seen vast numbers of instances where students email files to themselves so that they can come to campus to print or edit them, so it seems like a very useful feature.

    Assuming my guesses are correct, has anyone thought through how they might use or promote the briefcase to their users without causing confusion between this and any existing network shares, and adding additional disk/quota management hassles?

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