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Thread: CMS Zimlet not appearing

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    Default CMS Zimlet not appearing

    Hi all,

    I'm just configuring the first of our archived sites and I've just deployed the CMS Zimlet on our production system for the first time. Funny thing is, I can't get the thing to appear in the admin console.

    Deployed using zmzimletctl, and it went through each server in the network (there's 7 in total) and came back with an OK message. Restarted Zimbra on each server, nothing showing.

    I did see the Zimlet appear in the "Zimlets" part of the console (zimbra_xmbxsearch) with a status of "disabled". I manually enabled it, restarted Zimbra again but still nothing to see.

    Has anybody seen this behaviour, or got any obvious tips? I'm not even sure where to look for Zimlet related logs and errors, and there's not a lot to see regarding the tool in the documentation.

    Cheers all,


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    When you deploy the zimlet is there anything in mailbox.log? Any errors?

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    It might be the case that the 'deploy OK' you saw is deceptive, as there are two mode of deploying when using zmzimletctl:

    By default it works in async mode; the tool makes a soap request to the mailboxd, which will spawn a thread and finish deploying. The command line tool does NOT block while the whole operation is finished. The obvious side effect is that the CLI won't know the result of the deploy. First check the areas it installed to with zmzimletctl listZimlets & thus you should check your /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log for errors.

    The second mode of operation is with the -l flag. When using the local mode, CLI will wait and see the end of the deploy and report any error. (zmzimletctl -l deploy

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