I start to be desperate finding the solution to our problem.

We have a server in production that was running for some months already.

I just did a little thing and now it's a disaster, let me describe you so I hope someone can pinpoint me where to search.

The Zimbra version is now : Release 4.5.9_GA_1454.SuSEES9_20071016190714 SuSEES9 NETWORK edition
It is installed on a VMWARE ESX 2.5.3 with Virtual Center.

A few days ago I was looking on Zimbra website and seen the Zimbra_Samba admin Extension, curious, I downloaded it and deployed it trough the Zimbra Web Admin.

After that we never succeed to get back in the Zimbra Web Admin, it started loading after the login and stopped in the middle "loading".
Even after a Daemon restart, reboot, a CLI undeploy of the Zimbra_Samba, the result was still the same.

We decided to launch the last version of Zimbra : zcs-NETWORK-4.5.9_GA_1454.SuSEES9.tgz

After that the Admin Web access was working again, but another problem arised, Zimbra was getting down after a short time.(10min to 1 hour)

After some time of research on the subject, in the Logfiles an, and on this forum, we didnt get a real clue about what can be the problem we restored our Ldap database, without much better success.

And now here I am

I do a "zmcontrol start" and I get that ->

ldap Running
logger Running
mailbox Running
mta Running
snmp Running
spell Running

After some time I get this ->

ldap Stopped
logger Stopped
zmlogswatchctl is not running
mailbox Stopped
zmmtaconfigctl is not running
mysql.server is not running
zmconvertctl is not running
tomcat is not running
mta Stopped
zmmtaconfigctl is not running
postfix is not running
zmsaslauthdctl is not running
snmp Stopped
swatch is not running
spell Stopped
zmapachectl is not running

I dont know where I can start to resolve this problem.

I would be happy to receive some help

Best regards