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Thread: Upgrade Self Signed Cert to Commercial Cert (godaddy)

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    Default Upgrade Self Signed Cert to Commercial Cert (godaddy)

    Need help removing a self signed ssl cert and installing a commercial cert. I think I am having issues getting the self signed cert deleted and the new one loaded in its place.

    I used the following wiki to delete the self signed cert:
    SSL Certificate Problems - Zimbra :: Wiki

    and the following wiki to request and install the new cert:
    Commercial Certificates - Zimbra :: Wiki

    I got the server restarted (after fixing a keystore password issue - new cert did not use 'zimbra' as the password). However, the imap and ssl services never responded. I restored the old self signed certs and the services back to running under the old cert.

    So the question is .. What did I miss or where might I look for 'error messages' that might give a clue?


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    Can we have a commercial certificate installed onto a server with self signed certificate.
    Please help

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