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Thread: Minor problem, any help is appreciated.

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    Default Minor problem, any help is appreciated.

    When I first installed the server, the index folder was called 'index' like it is by default. Because I am using an external mount for that, I made a folder called 'index1' and mounted the external mount to it and changed the primary index to that folder. On the two accounts that got created by default, the admin user and the wiki user, I am getting this error when I try to backup or reindex.

    Message: system failure: Cannot READ index directory (mailbox=2 idxPath=/opt/zimbra/index/0/2/index/0)

    as you can see, it's looking for the old index folder. How do I fix these so they point to the proper folder?

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    Don't know where the setting is, but how about creating a symlink from /index to /index1? Wouldn't that solve the problem?

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