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Thread: Issue with local delivery

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    Exclamation Issue with local delivery

    Hey Gang,

    I have a problem with a particular email address on the system. Everything works great when you send mail from any external address. Here is the example:

    Sending via IMAP from user to user the mail is deferred with a message as follows:

    451 4.0.0 Temporary message delivery failure try again (in reply to end of DATA command))

    Now any other user is fine.. eg: to So only is having the issue.

    Now if the users go through the web client everything works fine. This issue is only if IMAP is used....

    Anyone have any ideas?


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    Sounds a lot like the discussion for this bug 16525. What version are you running? Looks like it's fixed in 4.5.9 which is the current release.

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    Unfortunately we are already running version 4.5.9. It's a very strange issue as it is only happening to one single user and everything else works.

    Our hosts files is: localhost.localdomain localhost webmail

    Our hostname is:

    Thanks for helping me worth through this my client is getting really upset so I appreciate anything you can do.


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