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Thread: Calendar Error NO_SUCH_CALITEM

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    Default Calendar Error NO_SUCH_CALITEM

    I have a user that wants to decline a meeting and is getting this error:
    msg - no such appointment or task: eb2c3e65-d489-41cc-86c0-63681937e74d:9109-9108 Could not find calendar item
    code - mail.NO_SUCH_CALITEM
    method - ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke
    detail - soap:Sender
    data - [object Object]
    I have seen this error before and I have always just told the users to delete the meeting instead of decline and thought this was due to the migration from our old calendar system, Meeting Maker.
    However, I think this meeting was created after we moved to Zimbra.
    The user wants to decline a single instance of a meeting series.
    The meeting exists and looks the same on both owner's and attendee's calendar. Also the uid in the mysql db is the same for the series and in ics exports of their calendars. The uid is '6a88051a-ec37-c588-b5a3-11966716d6cf' which is not in the error message at all.

    So how can I figure out whats going on here?


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    upgraded to 4.5.10 and this specific instance was fixed
    I do not have any other reports of this error yet but we just upgraded over the weekend.

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    I have seen this before as well, and have yet to come to resolution.

    I even bothered to open a support request for it and got nowhere with them. This ticket was opened over 2 months ago and never got any attention. I understand that it is hard to reproduce at will, but some ideas of why would be nice...


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