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Thread: Zimbra Administrator Mail Queue and Server Statistics Errors (data is stale)

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    Default Zimbra Administrator Mail Queue and Server Statistics Errors (data is stale)

    First, I have tried to search but had no luck.

    I've been running Zimbra on a Ubuntu system for a few weeks now, it has been working well, but I have always been having a problem in the administrators console. In the mail queues section, I get the message:

    Server Error Encountered
    Message: System failure: Exception during auth {RemoteManager:>} Error code: service.FAILURE Method: ZmCfseCommand.prototype.invoke Details:soap:Receiver.

    My Deferred, Incoming, Active, Hold, and Corrupt queues all show '(error)'. Server statistics also shows no data.

    I noticed about a week ago that some of the services did not appear to be running under my administration console, but sending and receiving mail and the webmail client were all working, but today the software became unresponsive - no webmail client, no administration client, so I rebooted the server.

    This did not bring up the webmail client, so after rebooting, I changed to the zimbra user and did a 'zmcontrol status' which shows everything running except mailbox, which showed zmmailboxdctl is not running. I then ran

    zmcontrol stop
    zmcontrol start

    All services are now back online, but it seems I'm still showing the problem with the mail queues and no statistics. In the Server Status section of the administration console it says '(data is stale)' next to each service. Any ideas on what may be going wrong here?

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    As the zimbra user (su - zimbra) run ~/libexec/zmlogprocess this should run through all the logger tables. If it gives you any errors about a table being marked as corrupt then this thread has helped me solve most of the ones that I have encountered.

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