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Thread: Zimbra and Active Directory

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    Default Zimbra and Active Directory

    Good afternoon!

    We want to use Zimbra as a secondary mail server, primarily for employees that we don't want to have Internet mail. We are using Active Directory and Exchange for those employees who do need Internet mail. We also use Citrix and require small profiles, so we're looking at IMAP mail.

    We want to integrate into AD to the extent that we can use the Global Address List from both Exchange and Zimbra. Local authentication into Zimbra is fine for the users, as long as Exchange users can send and receive mail with Zimbra users. Object of the game is to locate mail away from Citrix, make it accessible by browser, keep Zimbra users off the Internet mail, and ensure mail flows between Exchange & Zimbra.

    I don't know if I need to fully integrate OpenLDAP with AD, but I do need the GAL to flow across.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks in advance!


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    Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki

    In your admin console gui > domain > gal > set it to both internal and external lookups > setup the external against the AD

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