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Thread: Web Client Performance and Basic client features

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    Default Web Client Performance and Basic client features

    Hello all

    We´ve been implementing Zimbra on a number of customers and they´re happy with their new e-mail system.

    Besides all these success stories, some of these customers complain about web client performance on some low end machines. Most of the times i suggest them to use the basic web client and they become happy again

    But i can´t seem to find an option to enable the calendar on the web client. Am i missing something obvious here or there´s no calendar on the basic client?

    Another question is: Are there any ways to improve performance on the standard web client? (it doesn´t count to tell to upgrade hardware

    Thanks a lot

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    Upgrade hardware.

    For the calendar in Basic Client, I think it's available in 5.0 but not 4.5.

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