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Thread: Zimbra behind NAT firewall

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    Angry Zimbra behind NAT firewall

    Here is how my server is configured:

    linux1 = NAT Firewall
    zimbra = Zimbra Server

    linux1 uses iptables to forward following ports:
    25 -> zimbra:25
    8080 -> zimbra:80
    2222 -> zimbra:22
    linux1 runs it's own webserver (apache2) on port 80.
    root@linux1 # iptables -t nat -L -n
    Chain PREROUTING (policy ACCEPT)
    target     prot opt source               destination
    DNAT       tcp  --  anywhere             X.X.X.X       tcp dpt:8080 to:
    DNAT       tcp  --  anywhere             X.X.X.X       tcp dpt:25 to:
    DNAT       tcp  --  anywhere             X.X.X.X       tcp dpt:2222 to: is zimbra server IP address. I have masked linux1 server's external IP address with x.x.x.x for privacy.

    Zimbra is working fine when accessed from LAN as zimbra.lan. However I am unable to access Zimbra server from outside.

    With the port 8080 on linux1 (which is also visible as from internet) being forwarded to port 80 on zimbra, I was expecting that visiting from outside network, would enable me to access the web mail. As expected the login page shows correctly, but after I enter userid/password, it shows

    "An unexpected error has occurred. Please correct any errors and retry. If the problem persists please contact your System Administrator. (service.FAILURE)"

    Can you please help?
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