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Thread: [HELP] Multiple domains, in one "account" for one admin to manage.

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    Default [Solved] Multiple domains, in one "account" for one admin to manage.


    We're in the process of installing network edition, to replace Exchange, and emails on our hosting platform. CPanel was our previous platform, and Exchange was available also for our customers.

    We are trying to push Zimbra as a replacement for both, to minimise costs, and support time, CPanel having lots of features that the customer can set up himself, Exchange having close to none, but having other features needed by users with more advanced needs.

    Now, we have customers that are one company, but with multiple domain names. CPanel had an easy time with this, just add an addon domain, and then the domain is available in a drop down list. It shares the number of accounts set up and counts the quota for the account, not the domain.

    Exchange can also do this, though, with more setup.

    With Zimbra, as of now, I'm at a loss and can't seem to find documentation on how to do this, let's see this setup:

    Comany is named Domain inc, and their domain is They also use and as valid email addresses. I want to set them up so they use 30 accounts, regardless of which email domain they select, either domain1, 2, 3, or even use 1 domain, and have aliases in 1 or more of the others.

    Is this possible with Zimbra? I'm still reading the docs, but not finding info on the forums or in the docs so far, maybe I can't search properly ~_~.

    Thanks for your help!


    --edit : Tagged as solved since it can't be done in the actual product, as I intended, but feature requests are in for it.
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