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Thread: Zimbra Login problem when integrated with external LDAP server

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    Default Zimbra Login problem when integrated with external LDAP server

    I am using zimbar 4.5.9 version in RHEL4

    Authontication Tab after login as admin shows:-

    authontication Mechanism: External LDAP
    LDAP bind DN template:
    LDAP URL: ldap://
    LDAP filter: cn=%u
    LDAP search base: o=nitrkl
    use DN/Password to bind to external server: No

    I tested all users currently presend in my LDAP server( in Configure Authontication wizard and it shows "Test Successful" but when I really login it shows "The Username and passward is incorrect verify that CAPSLOCK is not on, and then retype the username and passward"

    any solution will be highly apreciated..

    Thanks in advance
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