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Thread: web access unavailable after upgrade

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    Default web access unavailable after upgrade

    Just finished upgrading my M2 installation to M3. The upgrade seemed to go fine. When it was finished several zimbra services where not running so I rebooted the machine and after reboot all services now have a status of running.

    I can log in to the administrator web interface but I can't log in to the secure 'https' client interface any more. I can however log into the unsecure 'http' client interface.

    Anyone else run into this or could suggest some possibilities as to why this might have stopped working?

    RHEL 4
    Zimbra M3 Network Demo (expires in 1 more month)


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    Default client login

    Are you accessing via https, or http? If https, you'll have to reset the mode:
    zmtlsctl https
    tomcat stop
    tomcat start

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    Accessing through 'https'.

    That did the trick! Thanks :-)

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