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Thread: SugarCRM Contacts Integration

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    Default SugarCRM Contacts Integration


    been battling with one-way sync of SugarCRM contacts into Zimbra and we've finally cracked it. Thought the world would like to know. Attached is the script we are using (kudos to all refs in that file).

    The system we have in place is:
    • Zimbra&Sugar installed on same box
    • Both using OpenLdap for authentication
    • OpenLdap on same machine (concurrent with Zimbra install) and being used for Samba

    if this is a bad place to be posting, please let us know. Ask any questions!
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    Default Help with your script

    Hi eleventeent, thanks for the contribution. I have a few questions before I try your script, if you don't mind.

    In the configuration info, the Zimbra section specifies:

    // zimbra details

    Which URL should I use, the administrative, or the client one? What account should I use?

    Thanks for your kind help,

    Diego Madiedo

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