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Thread: OS Backups, Exclude Directories

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    Default OS Backups, Exclude Directories

    We would like to do OS backups that capture the zimbra install but of course wouldn't need to backup data since that is included in the normal zmbackup.

    Can someone confirm the following directories be excluded?



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    Hi mnichols,
    As long as you backup /opt/zimbra/backup, you should be okay. In the case of a restore, you would install the same version of the OS as your last backup, and use the zmrestore command to restore your backups.

    Zimbra's backup procedure backups up the store, ldap, and mysql databases.

    However, if you have any customizations on the Operating System/file system level, (ie binaries, conf files, skins, and zimlets, etc) those are not preserved, and need to be backed up.

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