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Thread: calendar- meeting notices auto sent

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    Default calendar- meeting notices auto sent

    Zimbra 5.0rc2
    Within zimbra webmail, when a meeting notice is accepted or denied, an email is automatically sent to the meeting organizer. I thought in previous versions that you were prompted to:

    Edit the response before sending
    Send the response now
    Don't send a response

    or something similar to the choices above. Any ideas on how to get these options back?

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    Attached pic shows edit reply.
    But your right there's no "don't send a response" (which would make more sense to have that drop down "accept without reply").
    See if it's already in bugzilla (check even the resolved because they might have fixed this already).
    I can drag it to my own mini-cal (and not send a reply) but it seems to act funny later on unless you actually accept it.
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