I'm trying to restore a full backup to a new account:

zmrestore -br -rf -lb full-20071201.000007.361 -d -ca -a account@domain.foo -pre newfullrestore

But no matter what account or backupset i'm trying it fails with:

Message: system failure: link(/var/zimbra/store/0/188/msg/33/137223-106609.msg, /var/zimbra/store/0/188/msg/33/137223-106609.msg): No such file or directory
Error code: service.FAILURE
Method: ZmCsfeCommand.prototype.invoke

when inspecting the said directory I cant find the file.
When restoring from the admin console, it reports the same error message.
zmbackupquery reports the sets as completed.
i'm running zimbra 4.5.6_GA

I'm at a total loss here, does anyone know how to work around this?