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Thread: Speeding up Zimbra

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    Default Speeding up Zimbra

    Hey guys. Have been using Zimbra as my personal mail server now for around 2 years. Initially started with the fedora core 4 VMware environment downloaded of the net that I have since upgrade to 4.5.6??. It is still running on the Fedora core 4/ Zimbra 3? base and was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to improve the speed. It runs fine and reliable but certainly not snappy. Just slugish.

    I am also getting worried about continued support with Fedora core 4 so was going to upgrade to a new OS (Centos 5.1) and migrate the mail boxes over to the new server.

    Now I will still be running the server on a VM however will upspec it. I will put the SQL on a seperate v-disk. Also my Virtual host is now a dual CPU Xeon with 5 gig ram and 10k scsi disks.

    Anything else? 32/64 bit?

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    Well, the obvious performance gain would be to take ZImbra out of the VM and use a RAID10 for the data store. Other than that, 32 bit or 64 bit makes no effective difference in your circumstances. Depending on the Number of users, 2GB of RAM (more if possible) will see Zimbra run better. Unless you're moving the data store to it's own HD you probably won't see much of a performance gain from a separate vdisk. Obvious, you'll upgrade to the most recent release? CentOS5.1 is a good long term choice for the o/s but I'd suggest you wait for release 5 of Zimbra which is due shortly - lots more features and performance.

    I'm sure there's some things I have forgotten but that should keep you busy.


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