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Thread: Speeding up Zimbra

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    Default Speeding up Zimbra

    Hey guys. Have been using Zimbra as my personal mail server now for around 2 years. Initially started with the fedora core 4 VMware environment downloaded of the net that I have since upgrade to 4.5.6??. It is still running on the Fedora core 4/ Zimbra 3? base and was wondering if anyone knew any tricks to improve the speed. It runs fine and reliable but certainly not snappy. Just slugish.

    I am also getting worried about continued support with Fedora core 4 so was going to upgrade to a new OS (Centos 5.1) and migrate the mail boxes over to the new server.

    Now I will still be running the server on a VM however will upspec it. I will put the SQL on a seperate v-disk. Also my Virtual host is now a dual CPU Xeon with 5 gig ram and 10k scsi disks.

    Anything else? 32/64 bit?

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