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Thread: Zimbra Kerberos Support

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    Default Zimbra Kerberos Support

    I've noticed with the Release Notes for Zimbra 5.0 RC2 that it stated it has added support for Kerberos for external authentication.

    This is a feature that I currently desperately need, and would love to update to the new version, just to be able to implement this feature. However, i've found no documentation or any information what so ever as to how to actually implement and configure this new feature.

    Does anybody know where I can find some documentation? Any chance somebody can shead some light on the situation for me?


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    Welcome to the forums,
    I don't know that it's documented in the wiki or admin guides yet. But you might check out the associated RFE's to get some ideas: Bug 19241 - Kerberos support for GAL and external auth (& edventually Bug 6062 - Single Signon and Kerberos support for Web UI (SPNEGO) )
    Please note that bugzilla isn't the place to ask questions -you are in the right place- the forums
    Do note that 19241 is resolved/fixed but not yet verified by quality assurance, and the tech docs people will then be sure the information goes in the right place.
    More info on the process: Open Source Product Management: How do features get into Zimbra?
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