Late night last night working on this one, I eventually gave up and restored to a backup and now I'm looking for options.

My Zimbra installation used to run on OpenSuse 10.0 and a while back I moved it to a Debian 4.0 platform using the Debian 3.1 build as discussed in numerous threads here. Then I upgraded that to version 5 beta 3. This all went ok, but when I upgraded to RC 1 or RC 2 using the real Debian versions, it all went to hell.

This seems to be a problem with the debian version, and again, there are threads discussing it and bugs logged, but nothing in those seemed to help, so I decided to get rid of the debian version to solve the problem.

I built a new box running Ubuntu LTS and tried to move the install to it, this is where it got weird.

The debian version is beta3, but zmcontrol -v shows it to be RC2, so at first I installed RC2 on the Ubuntu machine, copied the existing installation over it and then ran the installer again. This didnt work.

So I removed everything and upgraded the debian install to RC2 (after modifying the file as discussed), installed a fresh RC2 on Ubuntu, copied the debian version on top of it and refreshed the install by installing RC2 again, this also, did not work.

By 'didnt work' I mean that seemingly Debian specific problem where zmprov, and the majority of the zimbra engine cannot talk to itself using soap, so the admin panel is inaccessible, the webmail login page errors and most of the tools refuse to work.

At half two in the morning I gave up.

My current thinking it to make a clean install of RC2 on Ubuntu and use a mail client to shift the mail over. This is my home server, so although there's a lot of mail, there's only a few accounts, so it's doable but I'll lose the tags on the various mails, and I'd like to keep those. I figure I can move the addressbooks using a csv export/import and an ical export for the calendars. Not ideal, but an option.

So, to the point, is there any other way I can do this? The debian version is clearly a little messed up, and the fact that it's an old installation that has already been moved from Suse, cant be helping it.

I'd really appreciate thoughts and suggestions on this. Thanks.