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Thread: helpdesk/support handling w/Zimbra

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    Default helpdesk/support handling w/Zimbra

    Hi all,

    I'd like to set up shared email accounts for our helpdesk, with the possibility of having multiple users handling the same mail account, and sending on behalf of the same account. Is this something that can be easily achieved with Zimbra (4.x and/or 5)?


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    Welcome to the forum.

    This is a 5.0 feature (mailboxes sharing, just like you have calendar sharing in 4.5.x).

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    thanks Klug -
    I've heard of the shared mailboxes coming in 5.0, but I do not know if other things like send-on-behalf of etc will follow as well? I am looking at using Zimbra as mail platform, but I need to know that we can handle the same tasks as we do today using a very simple shared IMAP setup.

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