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Thread: zmrestore -restoreToTime not working

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    Default zmrestore -restoreToTime not working


    I'm testing backup/restore, and noticed that when I ask zmrestore to restore to a point in time, I still get all the messages in that backup.

    Here's the command I'm using:

    zmrestore -a -ca -pre restore_ -restoreToTime 20071201.110000.000 -lb full-20071208.060004.825

    In this case, the newest messages in my restored mailbox are from 12/8, not 12/1.

    Is this a bug, or am I missing something?

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    Fyi, you're trying to restore to a time that's before the full...
    You gave a restoreToTime of 20071201 when full-20071208
    Fulls after the date wouldn't have the incrementals/redologs to the prior time - they are like a one time snapshot of everything - so it's going back as far as it can, which is thought to be better than nothing appearing.
    Is there a full before 20071201 to test off of? Using the -lb command again of course to specify this older full, then it should play incrementals and redologs up till your restoreToTime

    There's other options as well --restoreToRedoSeq & --restoreToIncrLabel
    CLI zmrestore Network Edition only - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Date formats are:
    2007/08/27 10:41:51 000
    2007/08/27 10:41:51

    These options affect redo log replay phase of restore:
    -restoreToIncrLabel <arg> : Replay redo logs up to and including this incremental backup
    -restoreToRedoSeq <arg> : Replay up to and including this redo log sequence
    -restoreToTime <arg> : Replay redo logs until this time
    Without these options, all redo logs since full backup are replayed, and also the logs not yet backed up (those under /opt/zimbra/redolog/archive and /opt/zimbra/redolog/redo.log) if -br option is not specified. The new options allow cutting off the replay at certain point. (Of course, no logs are replayed at all if -rf option is used to restore to full backup only.)
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    I guess the docs aren't clear about which backup files you'd use if you were doing a point-in-time restore.

    Using the earlier full backup did make it work as expected. Thanks!


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