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Thread: Tomcat stopping after random amounts of time

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    Default Tomcat stopping after random amounts of time

    Zimbra 4.5.10 Network Edition on MacOS 10.4 Server.

    For the last few weeks I've gotten support calls that "the mail server is down" only to find that tomcat had stopped at random while all the other services had continued. This initially happened with 4.5.09 and I updated to 4.5.10 partially just to see if it would resolve the issue. As opposed to other tomcat-related issues I can find in the forums, tomcat will run for days for me without incident, and then just suddenly quit. This happened again this morning, and I'm attaching my catalina.out in the hopes that maybe someone will be able to make sense out of it. Any thoughts?

    Thanks much.
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    It could be something like this bug maybe Bug 21970 - Tomcat crashes due to http pool threads stuck.

    We had that problem and just restarted tomcat every night to get around it

    I dont know if this is the issue or anything about what your catalina.out means

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