I upgraded from ZCS 4.5.6 to 4.5.10 on November 23.

Since then, I've been unable to do point-in-time recoveries with any accuracy. The recoveries complete without error, but restore to a point much later than specified. The first 3 I could excuse, since they predate the software update, but the 4th example restores to December 8. WTF?

mailbox.log and zmbackupquery -v show that I've been running backups on the regular schedule without error. The accounts in question are listed as backed up, and manually inspecting the contents of /opt/zimbra/backup/sessions, I see relevant data.

zmrestore -a him@example.com -pre oct21_ -ca -lb full-20071024.060416.881

zmrestore -a him@example.com -pre oct21_ -ca -lb full-20071027.060005.051

zmrestore -a him@example.com -pre oct27_ -ca -restoreToRedoSeq 8475

zmrestore -a her@example.com -ca -pre nov24_ -restoreToTime 20071124120000