I have been using zimbra for a while now, well over a year. Usually a quick search of the forums has solved all my problems, but this one has me.

I have been running my mailserver for a while using the domain a.com. my server provider has set it up so that reverse DNS works for that domain (not sure if that matters at all). sending and receiving under a.com has been fine. this server is the mail server, domain server, and everything inbetween.

So, I went and added B.com. I duplicated the bind DNS entries, can resolve to b.com and mail.b.com just fine, there.

Went into zimbra, added the domain, and then matched the settings for virtual hosts. apparently, from what can tell, it's all the same for A that is for B. and then of course, added the domain.

Now, I can send from A to B. Which is a good sign, but it's local. sending from gmail or other account, however, or anywhere else, fails. the exact phase I get is

"The mail server could not deliver mail to me@b.com. The account or domain may not exist, they may be blacklisted, or missing the proper dns entries."

So, i go back into BIND. everything seems perfect. A records and MX records are set. everything semes to line up.

but that's not all!

loging into the webmail? forget it. can get to the zimbra login page at mail.b.com just fine. but logging in with the advanced version fails (with an error I can't get to ATM). but logging in with the basic version works. Just can't send anything. "a network error has occured" is all i get, and again, can't send report, use the drop down for detials, or hit OK.

nothing in /var/log/zimbra either.

So, in short, what am i missing here? I'm stumped. Domain A still works like peaches, domain B doesn't work much at all. Mind you, in all other aspects, B works, such as the website comes up (apache virtualhosts is fine) and all that good stuff.