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Thread: Backups - Please review what I am doing

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    Question Backups - Please review what I am doing

    Hi All,

    I am backing up at the moment, and have a few Q's. Using the open edition.

    - I am using Webmin for backup of the /opt/zimbra directory using TAR. The backups are going over an NFS connection to another linux server.
    - Webmin has an option for doing this backup using the DUMP format instead of TAR - Should I stick with TAR or switch to DUMP?

    My questions are these:

    - Does this look sufficient for backups?

    - File issues - last week I did an RSYNC of /opt/zimbra and it was over 20+gigs. The TAR backups using webmin are coming in around 13 gigs. Why are they different?


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    Hi..Please follow the wiki link to backup OSS version

    Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki

    i donít know about WEBMIN dump but rsync is your best bet for reliable back ..make sure you following the steps to stop all services otherwise your backup will not copy locked/in-use files like mysql and others.

    The difference in size could be webmin using rsync internally and only new/changed files got backed up this time or your users may have downloaded/deleted the emails

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