I just modified my hostname from mail2.domain.com to mail.domain.com
I want to "move" all the mailboxes (4000+) from mail2.domain.com to mail.domain.com and basically tell the mailboxes that their server is called mail.domain.com.

The reason is that when the user logs in via web interface, the browser is redirecting to the old http://mail2.domain.com and it generates an exception.
also, the following is listed everytime i try to select a mailbox:
ERROR: service.TOO_MANY_HOPS (mountpoint loop detected)

Is there a command line attribute to mass select/change this attribute?

commands executed:
mbox> aa techsupport
mbox> selectmailbox techsupport
ERROR: service.TOO_MANY_HOPS (mountpoint loop detected)

Im using the opensource edition
on centos 5