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Thread: Webmail new email notifications?

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    Question Webmail new email notifications?

    I have a user that wants the webclient to either play an audio media file (wav, midi or aui for example), or popup a small notification window, or both, when they receive new email.

    This is a simple request and one that's been in every tool I have used for email but I cannot find a way to enable/configure such a feature.

    Any help would be great.
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    Vote on: Bug 6625 - Audible alert on new email or Bug 9425 - Feature request: play sound via client browser on receipt of new email

    Extra info:
    For appointments there are already popup alarm notifications, but in the works there's: Bug 8854 - Support flexible alarm schedules for calendar appointments & Bug 7482 - audible calendar meeting alerts

    The Toaster is fast approaching as another option on the desktop side.
    -Not GA yet, but pretty damn useful if you throw a link to it in the startup folder.
    -You can find it in your server downloads section or as part of Zimbra Desktop.
    -Though sounds aren't on the mac yet which is Bug 19600 - Mac Toaster: Add Sound Notification also under development is Bug 12740 - Toaster should also show Appointment reminders & Bug 14080 - Add Chat Notification to Toaster.
    (Toaster pics attached)

    Also in the works is a very cool toolbar (for firefox/maybe IE) if you voice support here:

    And last, but certainly not least, there's Tim Brennan's ZimbraCheck Firefox Extension for email/appts.
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