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Thread: Inbox displaying 100 messages at a time

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    Default Inbox displaying 100 messages at a time

    I've come across a wierd little error. The symptoms are as follows.
    When the display message number is set to display 100 messages at a time, I can log in and I see my inbox right away, I can compose and click different tabs and everything works fine, however when I click on a different folder ie. an RSS feed folder or trash or junk and then click back on my inbox, nothing is displayed. If I go back to my preferences and set it to 50 messages, then everything works properly and I can navigate to different folders and what not and I cannot reproduce the error. Without logging out and back in, if I change the display back to 100 the original problem reoccurs. So for the meantime I will recommend to my users to display only 50 messages max. I'm about to see if there is a way to lock that through the admin panel. This is all through the web interface btw.

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    Looks like you've found a bug that should be reported in Bugzilla. I'm still on 4.5.10 so I can't confirm if this is the case; perhaps other rc2 testers can weigh in.

    However, you should be able to set this number in the COS under the "Preferences" tab. This only sets the default, it doesn't lock the setting down, but even a default may reduce the number of people encountering the problem.



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