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Thread: Default Shared Address Book ?

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    Default Default Shared Address Book ?


    I've installed ZCS 5 Open Source edition on FC7.

    I created some users and the system is working quite nice.

    Is there an option to link all users address book to one shared address book.
    I looked it over, and most people reffer to GAL , but GAL is only accessible in seach mode and you can browse all contacts + it's for your own server's email address. most of my contacts are outsiders .

    Today we have a 3rd party program where we keep all the records .
    I Would like each user I create to have an access to company's public ( public only to company's users) address book where he can view / change the contacts.
    the user can create private contacts by openining a private address book.

    Is that possible ?

    Thanks ,

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