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Thread: virtual domains and certs

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    Default virtual domains and certs

    I run only one zimbra server and use dns cnames for the the other domains. example CNAME

    also i point new domains at the main zimbra server so the domain users do not have to remeber anything but there own domain. CNAME

    and CNAME

    This works like a charm except for certs, there is always a warning about a name mismatch.example

    your are attempting to connect with but the cert is for this could be a security threat that may or may not ruin your/my life.
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    Default certs

    RVMG, is there a question in there?

    SSL certificates can be byzantine, and are certainly beyond the scope of these forums, but the short answers are:

    openssl -

    No, we don't support virtual servers yet, but tomcat does, and we're looking at integrating that into zimbra.

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