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Thread: Migrating from one Zimbra machine to another

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    Exclamation Migrating from one Zimbra machine to another

    Anyone had any experience with this?

    I've been digging through the forums but with no success. I guess what I am wondering is will the following work:

    1. dump users/pass out of openldap manually and import into new machine.
    2. tar up the data from mysql (removing bin logs and such), scp over to the new machine and start it up.

    Anything else?

    Could I perhaps configure openldap to mirror the original machine, let it sync up, and then do the same with mysql? Not sure if openldap has this functionality - obviously mysql does, esp. since the bin-logs are available...


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    Default What I would do

    The standard disclaimers apply (backup your data, et al.)

    What I would do (assuming the machines have the same host and domain names):

    1) Setup the new machine (networking and such).
    2) Install a new, clean copy of zimbra on the new machine (same version as on the old).
    3) Test to make sure the new zimbra install works
    4) Shutdown the new zimbra install
    5) Delete /opt/zimbra on the new machine.
    6) Shutdown the old zimbra install
    7) Move (rsync works nicely) the entire /opt/zimbra directory from the old computer to the new.
    7a) If major host / domain name changes need to happen with this move I would install zimbra again over the top, choosing upgrade during the install and letting the installer handle the changes.
    9) Start the zimbra server on the new machine
    10) Test and watch logs as needed.

    One of zimbra's great strengths is that, when zimbra is stopped, the /opt/zimbra is very mobile and can be moved around and backed up pretty easily.


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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the quick response.

    I was looking for something cleaner; but yeah, this is how I handled it also...

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