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Thread: greylisting / trying to edit

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    Default greylisting / trying to edit

    not sure whether or not this is possible, but i've been trying to incorporate greylisting into zimbra using postgrey which relies on adding options to the smtpd_recipient_restrictions value in (check_policy_service inet:

    problem is that it appears the is overwritten when zimbra is started... is there a proper way to do this? (or an inproper way that works )


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    Default mta configuration

    Check out /opt/zimbra/conf/, which controls what's overwritten for various services. That refers to a file that is parsed to set the recipient_restrictions (also in /opt/zimbra/conf) - edit THAT file (can't remember the name atm, but it's relatively intuitive) and your changes will be retained.

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    found it... /opt/zimbra/conf/

    you guys are fast!

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