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Thread: How to backup user mail?

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    But if we return to the original poster's question:
    Quote Originally Posted by kkg039 View Post
    In order to backup Zimbra,we only know to backup the whole Zimbra directories.We want to know if there is some other way to backup userís mail only.If it can do so,we can import the userís mail to the mail server(maybe this is new mail server),and the userís mail will not be lost.But how can we make it?Can you give us some advice pls?
    it appears to me what you're trying to do is to migrate a user's mail from an old installation (Zimbra or whatever else) to a shiny new Zimbra box. None of what is discussed above will help you in this regard. . .

    By far the simplest way to do this would be to use an external IMAP client such as Thunderbird or Outlook Express (OE has issues though in my experience). You can log onto multiple email accounts and have separate folders for each, then merely click and drag your messages from the folders on your old account, to folders on your new account. It's not lightning fast, but it does work.


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    Thank you for your suggestion,It`s complex way,but it`s worth to try.

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