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    Default Domain Problem Help

    I have a new install of Zimbra (5.0RC2 OSS) working for my domain, but I am have problems getting multiple domains for work correctly. Basically we have a long domain name that our customers always get wrong so we created some of the common mis-spellings so that we still receive mail. What i would like to do is have one user account be able to receive mail for all these domains. So what I did was create the main domain.

    then I created virtual hosts:,

    when I try to send mail to either of the virtual hosts I get a relay denied message.

    I also have a second domain setup ( that I added to the domain section in the admin gui and created an alias for my user account that works fine.

    I don't need to send mail from any of the other domains just have it receive, so it seems there should be a way (like the virtual host or in send mail I just put them all in the local-host-names conf file) to tell zimbra to accept mail for that user on any of these domains.


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