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Thread: Change configuration

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    Default Change configuration

    is there a way to change the configuration specified during installation and stored in /opt/zimbra/config.xxxx?

    The background of my question is as follows: I specified Web Server mode "both" (MODE=both in config.xxxx) and now noticed that for logging in https is always used anyway. This results in constant warnings about the certificate. The zertificate was issued for, but usually I use to access the site. The discrepancy results in a warning. The problem also exists for virtual domains.
    So I figure the only way to allow web access without warning is to use Web Server mode HTTP and completely shut down HTTPS. (Which is a pity, but I can't see a way of having both really in parallel.)
    So again my question: How can I change the Web Server mode in an already installed system?

    Thanks a lot, Philipp

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    Welcome to the forums.

    You can change the mode with the zmtlsctl command.


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