I installed once with an incorrect ip in /etc/hosts for my fqdn.
I uninstalled and reinstalled but still cannot start the logger or snmp.
Below it the output of zmcontrol status, zmcontrol stop and /tmp/install.

Advice would be appreciated.

[zimbra@hq root]$ zmcontrol status
Host hq.zzz.com
antispam Running
antivirus Running
ldap Running
logger Stopped
mailbox Running
mta Running
snmp Stopped
spell Running

[zimbra@hq root]$ cat /tmp/install.log.2539
Preparing packages for installation...
ERROR: service.FAILURE (system failure: getDirectContext) (cause: javax.naming.CommunicationException localhost:389)
Loading classes to share ... done.
Rewriting and unlinking classes ... done.
Calculating hash values for String objects .. done.
Calculating fingerprints ... done.
Removing unshareable information ... done.
Moving most read-only objects to shared space at 0x90bb0000 ... done.
Moving common symbols to shared space at 0x90f2a520 ... done.
Moving remaining symbols to shared space at 0x91055640 ... done.
Moving string char arrays to shared space at 0x910560d0 ... done.
Moving additional symbols to shared space at 0x910d7728 ... done.
Read-only space ends at 0x9112b5e8, 5748200 bytes.
Moving read-write objects to shared space at 0x913b0000 ... done.
Moving String objects to shared space at 0x91929ec0 ... done.
Read-write space ends at 0x91969dc0, 6004160 bytes.
Updating references to shared objects ... done.

Preparing packages for installation...
Preparing packages for installation...
Preparing packages for installation...
umount2: No such file or directory
umount: /opt/zimbra/amavisd/tmp: not found
mv: cannot stat `/opt/zimbra/amavisd': No such file or directory
chown: cannot access `/opt/zimbra/perdition-1.17': No such file or directory
Preparing packages for installation...
Preparing packages for installation...
Preparing packages for installation...
Preparing packages for installation...

[zimbra@hq root]$ zmcontrol stop
Host hq.zzz.com
Stopping antispam...Done
Stopping antivirus...Done
Stopping ldap...Done
Stopping logger...FAILED
Killing mysqld with pid 7885 .../opt/zimbra/bin/zmlogswatchctl: line 59: kill: (13199) - No such process

Stopping mailbox...Done
Stopping mta...Done
Stopping snmp...Done
Stopping spell...Done