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Thread: Best way to backup Zimbra

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    Default Best way to backup Zimbra

    Hello I'm running the Open Source version of Zimbra on FC4. I was wondering what the best way of backing up Zimbra would be. Do I need stop zimbra before backing up the directories or could I do it live? Also is everything I need to backup stored under the /opt/zimbra directory?

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    If you can afford a brief stop (late at night perhaps), you can stop zimbra (zmcontrol stop) and then just do a backup of the entire /opt/zimbra folder. To expite things, I generally rsync the folder into another folder on the same server, then move it (the copy) off to a second server - this lets me keep the downtime to < 10 minutes.

    If this will not work for you (cannot have downtime) there are a few threads on this forum about doing semi-live backups of the OSS edition.


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