Right, I've managed to get Zimbra setup and working, but I have a few questions; they are:

1)You say 2GB RAM is the recommended amount, well I have 2GB but Zimbra seems to eat about 82% of it away but settles down to normally 75%; this large amount of RAM eating won't cause my server to crash will it?

2) In a user's mailbox, why is the sender name field labelled 'step 3.'? This is incredibly odd in my mind, and would like to change it to say 'Sender' or something more applicable.

3) I need to migrate over from Microsoft Exchange 2003; in the downloads area of the admin suite in my Open Source implementation the migration tools are listed - but there is no title or link for the Exchange one, only a description; is this because the Exchange migration tool isn't available for the Open Source edition?

4) How do I work out the spam control percentage? I'm used to setting it as a score based on '5' - what is the base number for Zimbra so that I can set the correct percentage on my half.